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What puts a person on the disease warpath?

What is it that makes any given one of us an activist against any disease, or all disease? It would be good for us to know this, wouldn't it? Because if we know why we, and others, can come to care so much about people curing things, it becomes a lot easier to enlist their support. So here are the main reasons I've thought of. 

They see that the world is in desperate need.

People aren't just killed by diseases. Their sense of their own power is completely canceled when they're out of touch with their ability to cure themselves. And since virtually no one in this world knows they can cure things on their own, even though they have a lot of inklings and know that there are things that they can do for themselves, such as eating right, we live in a disempowered world. People feel a little more powerful when they do good things for themselves, but that quickly disappears when those good things don't immunize them to some virus, or cure their cancer. Plus, since diseases are located in bodies that most people don't know they have, and which may be severely damaged, almost everybody in the world is walking around in a state of -not-so-blissful ignorance.

They see that can do it.

An obvious, but very important fact. Oddly enough, if you walk up to somebody at a cocktail party and tell them that they can cure their own cancer, they will either agree or disagree with you in principal, without ever knowing that they actually can. On the level of intellectual conversation, no matter what the person you're talking to tells you, they don't know they can cure their cancer. Don't kid yourself about this. And yet when people see other people doing it in the street, they instantly and curiously walk over, and without any questioning start doing it, because in addition to not knowing that they can do it, there is some other, God-connected aspect of them that can acclimate them to the idea very quickly, once they start to experience these abilities. And they still say, sometimes, "I can't believe I'm doing this!"

They see where this is taking them. They need to know the extent of its effectiveness.

Even when they start, they're not on the disease warpath. And that's true even if they Walked for the Cure last month. Because they don't yet see that this is taking them to places like the end of all environmental pollution, kids not dying from smallpox bioterror attacks, and their grandmother coming out of her Alzheimer's fog and becoming their teacher/mentor once again. They don't see where it's taking them because it hasn't taken them there yet, but if you tell where it's taking them, just point blank, as they're experiencing it, and they see it in your eyes, they can get it, even though they're not there yet. So once they start doing it, and only when they start doing it, just tell them point-blank why you need their help.

They see that it's dependable.

It's probably around three million times as dependable as you are.

They see that it's accessible.

That sort of dawns on them when they start doing it -- that they can do it wherever, and whenever they want. They need to know that in a lot of situations this will obviate the necessity of airlifting drugs into difficult areas, areas where the local authorities might steal the drugs before they get to the people they were intended for.

Are you liking this so far?

They also need to see what happens, and what will happen, if they don't help.

Everybody hates fear-based things, but they need them. People need their fear. People hate fear based things because they're naturally fearful, and, as Machiavelli would have said, no matter what people like or feel, they must be addressed as they are, rather than as they wish they were. I was just channeling him, right there. Immunity is not information-based, it is state-based.  So they need to understand the dire consequences that will result if they turn their back on this even for only a few minutes, the dire consequences that they, and the world, have already incurred. And do it is a friend, not as somebody who's laying a trip on them -- that's important.

I bet you can think of more things to add to this list! I'll stop here and let you do that. Think of whatever will motivate you to take decisive action immediately, and keep doing so throughout your day, and throughout your life.


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