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Act Globally
Instructions for applying stickers

Sticker project

Save lives while you drive

CureDrive car sticker

Can you get some people to put this sticker on their car? Can you get some stores to display it in their window?

Three stickers, $6 donation

After you have made a minimum $6 donation
for 3 stickers, you may

single stickers, $2 donation
which will be added to the same order.

We cannot send individual stickers, only 3 or more. Donations for all quantities include postage
For larger quantities, contact Greg














Position the stickers as high as possible

This is your essential first step; every time you drive, you're telling hundreds of people. Remember: the person in the car behind you just got the death sentence from her doctor -- the cancer is terminal. She's got about six months. Have a bumper sticker high on the back window of your car, so she'll be sure to notice it. You'll save somebody's life without even realizing you did.

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The position of the sticker on your car can make the difference between life and death for someone who might not otherwise have noticed it.  Well, imagine yourself stuck in traffic, looking over the roof of the car in front of you at that sticker on the top of the high window of a pickup truck in front of you.

car stickercar sticker

But for sloping car windows, it might actually be more readable on the trunk

car stickercar stickercar sitckercar sticker

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