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People taught imperfectly still cure things!

Teach total strangers in public -- you'll be making a statement. In New York you might set up with the anti-war protesters in front of St. Pat's cathedral or by the fountain in Washington Square; In L.A., at the Santa Monica farmer's market.

Teach immunics in a busy public place. Find a place you can go any day.

Be in the street for a reason: to get on local TV

If you have no purpose in being there beyond teaching, very few people, compared to what's possible, will find out they can cure something. The rest of the world will remain blissfully ignorant.

So plan on doing what you're doing in the street on TV. And get signed petitions asking for that.

Call classes on the half hour.   If there's more than one of you out there, only one should teach -- you can take turns. The others should range up and down the street, in view of the board, asking for signatures. People who sign can be directed to the board for a class. And so can people who are curious who won't sign. They'll sign when they see it done.

When people don't understand what you're doing, ask them to know that cure is happening. Tell them that the more people there are who know cure is happening, the safer will the world be for all of us, and the more likely it will be that our loved ones will survive a flu epidemic, and that war and the destruction of the environment will end.

Be out there to say something as well as to teach something. Say that this has to be made ubiquitous by television. Say that this must be on television immediately. Say that if a flu virus hit your town, it would paralyze all social functions. Say that according to any pandemic expert you talk to, a pandemic is second only to nuclear war as a wreaker of social chaos.

Ask for responsibility.

Remember, more important than teaching how to cure is creating activists.

When you teach, teach responsibility. Responsibility, not technique, cures.

Change the TALLY whenever a new one comes out, so you have the latest number of cures.

It's fine to just cross out the old tally by hand and write in the new one. Passersby will get to know you, and glance at the sign to watch the tally climb.

Your handout is a simple set of instructions.

Being a carnival barker does help. You want to gather a crowd for the beginning of your class.

Being there is the global action.

Things to hang from your dry erase board:

  1. Bumper stickers (tag above them says "$2 donation.").  Get a supply of them here, or contact Greg.
  2. Handouts
  3. Sample CD, so that you can say that the person who donated the CD cured terminal cancer. Don't put a price tag on it, but if people inquire about getting one, ask a $15 donation for the CD. Get a supply of them here, or contact Greg. And make sure they sign the petition.

 Business Card 

Ask the people in your class to join you, to stick around now, and to ask for petition signatures

It's become obvious to me from my experience with all of you over the last year or so that the most fun way to teach immunics is on a busy street corner. You don't need permission or a license, because you're a religion and you have a right to be there. The nicest thing is that you don't have to teach at all -- you can just hang out and let people see the Cure Tally on your sign.  

The tally is what makes the cures happen.

When people see other people curing things, they do, too. Monkey see, monkey do.

The more times you go to the same spot, the more likely it is that people will cure things, because they'll see the tally change every week.

You have our permission to do it imperfectly. 

Immunics taught imperfectly still cures people. 

People will get good at it whether you're good at teaching it or not -- God does it with them, not you, anyway.

That's the idea -- bring it out to the public. You don't need too much skill as a teacher to do that -- just a willingness to be there.

And that's the global action. Being there.

It's simple!

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