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   How do we arrive at the amount of the standard donation for each skill?

Each scientific inquiry, each immunic action, enables you to do something specific. One will enable you to remove pathologies, one will enable you to boost functions.

All science is based on trial and error. With this approach  you take an immunic action and for example, remove a disease. Then after you've done it you test with your fingers that it's been done.

After you've tested with your fingers that it's happened, you observe effects. By observing effects, you, the scientist, come to know about not only the specific thing you're observing, but also the nature of God, of reality, and of your abilities to operate in reality.  You will observe the spectrum of  abilities that God has given you and wants you to have.   God is using this scientific, religious methodology to make these clear to you.

The methodology is nothing. God is everything.

The methodology is a means to an end. As is all science, and as all religion should be.

OK, I'm pontificating, I hear you. I'll get on with it.

The difference actually lies in the amount of research that went into the skill

Well, all that research enabled us to boil it down.

Stereo speakers got smaller, not bigger.

You want simplicity. You don't want to go through all the steps, you want to get to the meat of it. You want to have the result with as little work as possible, immediately. That's what the Harmonic enables you to do. That's why God gave it to us, and that's what we should be doing with it.

People have a love/hate relationship with quick fixes. Everybody wants a quick fix, everybody mistrusts a quick fix.

This is a quick fix, so you may get into a problem

Some people think because this is easy, it's superficial. Until they get further into it. Then you realize how deep it is. And you also realize that if we hadn't provided you with this tool - the tool that removed all the cumbersome operations and made you lightning-fast and efficient - you never would have gotten to the depth that you finally arrived at.

People handle their spiritual growth with cumbersome systems.  They clear their past lives one trauma at a time, in sessions that last hours. At the time I made my first Harmonic connection, I was laboring under the influence of over 90,000 trauma from past lives, and at times I tested it as over 100,000 -- it depended on whether I was having a good or a bad day. Some seven months later I was down to under 50 trauma, and I didn't have the swift methods that you're getting now.

But I did have the basic skill of Harmonic accessing. Without it I never would have closed all those trauma in this lifetime.

Yes, what I did was amazing. I've never met anyone who did anything like that, certainly not in that short amount of time.

This is a quick fix, but it's also long-term. Those traumas have never come back. I closed them. They're gone.

But what you're being shown here is faster, easier, and cleaner than what I had.

OK, so small is better.

How else do we arrive at the standard donations?

Well, obviously, our donors tell us the levels the whole system should be pegged at. It depends on what you give us, and what you tell us you want.

If you give us a lot of big donations and you tell us to lower the donations, we may do that. But if you give us a lot of big donations and tell us to get into Africa, to actually put people into the villages to teach this personally -- well, then the standard donations will go up.

We look around, we perceive need, and we do whatever we can to fill it, given the available resources.

And we have done the impossible for so long, with so little, that we are now able to do anything with nothing.

One more thing.

The skills themselves are in a continuous state of flux.

We make new discoveries all the time, and the more of us there are working at it, the faster those changes get into the skills.

As of this writing the skills are made by a team of three people. At some point there may be several hundred people on that team.When that happens, we'll probably have a special department just for the beginner's area. Our commitment is to absolute quality, and that means the highest level of speed, ease, and effectiveness. People who serve God by serving humanity -- and that, by the way, includes serving themselves --- better not demand anything less from themselves.

Two ways that you contribute

When you send in donations for your Skills, you are contributing in two ways.

  • One is the donation itself.
  • The other is by assimilating the Skill.

Your most real and important contribution is the second: that you are the clearest, most loving, and healthiest you that you can possibly be.

And there's another way, a third way, you can contribute. It's by discovery. When you discover a better way than the way the skill shows, everyone who's at the level of that skill can take a step forward. What an amazing contribution that is.

Remember, the lessons in a skill are not "the way to do it." They are a signpost for discovery. Send us a better signpost and you're changing the world.

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