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Stop Allergies (including Medication Allergies), End Physical Pain, and Accept Transplanted Organs

If I am rejecting my own transplanted organ, would it work for me to treat this as an allergy? Can I use my non-physical abilities to remove allergies? Physical pain? Is it possible to remove or reverse any of these in under five minutes? testing hand

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What happens when the world gets wind of this?

Is it possible for me to remove allergies to certain medications so that my body completely accepts and wins with the medication? Is the rejection of transplanted organs a form of allergy? Are certain types of physical pain, such as migraine, often either allergies or allergy-type reactions that I can easily remove with pure immunics? Are allergic reactions a co-factor in asthma? Can I completely eliminate my asthma by eliminating these allergic reactions?  testing hand
Does coronary disease always have an allergy component? Can coronary disease be completely allergy based? Can I completely eliminate any susceptibility I might have to heart attacks or heart disease by eliminating my allergies?  testing hand 
Is it easy for me to remove allergies with immunics? Am I able to remove allergies from other people?  testing hand
Can I be completely allergy-free six weeks from now? Six days from now?testing hand


Skill 1
Your sixth application


You may be able to use your doctor's medication, even if it's poisoning you. And your body can be influenced to recognize and love a transplanted organ it otherwise would have rejected.

Note: please proceed with caution until you know for sure the allergy is gone.

  Your audio talks for this application are:

Three disease-ending stories - part 2:
the allergy story   

Running time: 38 min.

Cancel your health insurance: The complex disease talk

Running time: 1hr. 23 min.


We live in a century...


Commentaries on
Medication Allergies & Accepting Transplant


To evaluate
this application


Skill 1, Application 6: Stop Allergies, End Pain, Accept Transplanted Organs - lesson overview page


    Test the following statements:

This approach to ending disease is not faith healing.

It's not affirmations. It's not psychoneuroimmunology, Reiki, or any one of a thousand great things. We respect those things and we want you to also.

But people who try to make this into faith healing, affirmations, psychoneuroimmunology, "mind over matter," Reiki, or anything other than what it is will miss it.

We just don't want the good experience or results you've had with something else to interfere with or prevent you from learning something that is the next evolutionary leap of Homo sapiens.

- Bayard

(The following was said to a friend when addressing the Philadelphia Healing Circle January 27, 1997)

After being HIV positive and healthy for 10 years, you started taking the cocktail [HIV-combating three-drug combination] . You've been on it a few months, I guess. And you want to go off the cocktail - you've been having gastrointestinal allergic reactions. Your doctor's probably going to give you the nod and tell you it's OK to go off it. I want you to know that from my perspective, it is very dangerous for you to stop taking that medication.

First of all, you can use immunics to remove the GI problems. They will only take a moment to remove, and you can remove them anytime, anywhere. [Later that evening he did remove them and he felt fine.] So you don't have to stop the medication at all.

Second, you should know that by my test, over the last few months since you've been taking the cocktail, because you've dropped your viral load to virtually zero, your DNA mutated back into the other way.

Those suicide codes are necessary "clicks" in the cell. I call them clicks; they're a little code within a gene. They are removed immunically to save your life. You only removed them because you would have died if you hadn't.

Now they have been put back.

You may find you have a much more rapid rate of T4 cell death now, if you stop the cocktail.

I think that if you do go off the medication, you ought to be careful. Which means you let us teach you how to consciously and quickly remove those codes again.

Yes, you already know how to do that. You did it before, even though you weren't aware you were doing it. You might say you did it unconsciously and slowly. And that's how you lived with HIV for 10 years.

But now notice the words "consciously and quickly." That's the key. The virus may come back a lot faster this time. You need to be a lot faster, too. This is what I mean when I say, "If you do go off the medication, you ought to be very careful."

Bill [a mutual friend] is different. Bill is very good at killing disease. When he got hepatitis B, he killed it almost immediately. He had it for a week or two and then it was gone. You're not in that place quite yet.  You still have some new things to learn to protect yourself.

- Bayard

Now just ask this one question:

Am I able to remove any adverse reaction to my medication?

And then, if you wish, use the answer as a prompt to make up more questions for your own inquiry about this topic.

One more question:

Ask if you're allergic to your watch, eyeglasses, anything you're wearing.

If you get answers that seem strange...

Also ask: Am I now operating from perceptions that are beyond the usual five senses?


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