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The Accelerator

Is speed a critical factor in ending disease? In the outcome of any endeavor? testing hand

Why it can be impossible to heal at all without acting with speed and minimal effort

Since I am an immunic master (if you test as one), am I able to address and cure my disease or pathology more slowly and still be safe? Is it better to go more slowly and be more thorough? Be less thorough and go more quickly? Does doing immunics increase speed and thoroughness simultaneously? testing hand


Skill 2


When you arrive at the calm, clear place, squeeze every last drop of regeneration, change, and love you can out of it.
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The Accelerator walkthrough

Running time:  1 hr. 6 min.

Advanced unswitching - Part 1: Know what you want, set standards

Running time:  19 min.

We live in a century...


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The Accelerator


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Skill 2: The Accelerator - lesson overview page


    Test the following statements:


In the two and a half years after I first consciously started doing immunics, I noticed that I changed faster, healed faster than most of the people around me. I didn't understand why, because it seemed that we were all doing pretty much the same things.

The ultimate result of the subsequent inquiry I made was the Accelerator.

- Bayard

An immunic action is not a process.

This drives newly conscious immunic masters crazy. They're used to processes. They want a process.

People love their processes. Most people don't know they are getting a result unless they're going through a process to get it. This is why virtually everybody in the world struggles more than they need to.

Well, processes are fun. I was once in a workshop where we did animal totem traveling. That was a gas. I connected with a wolf and took a trip. Most of the other participants also did something they really enjoyed, too. This is another reason why people love processes. Processes, like roller coasters, can be a lot of fun.

Immunics isn't like that. With  immunics, you say you are removing something. Then you test whether it's gone. Then you live your life without it.

That's fun.

Immunics enables speed.

It removes friction.

Immunics gives you instant feedback. Did I remove that? Is there something else I need to do to remove it? Immunics tells you, instantly.

This instantaneous quality of immunics is what enables people who are not immunic masters to turn into immunic masters when they make their connection, 15 minutes after they first look at the guest area.

Doing immunics isn't a dramatic process. It doesn't need to give you an enjoyable process. It enables you to jump your karmic track. Everything immunics enables you to remove gets you a little further off the treadmill.

This is why we have an acceleration skill. The Accelerator enables you to cognate what is happening for you.

This is why brand new immunic masters are driven back by the lack of a process. Processes enable cognition.

People like to cognate how they get a result. Cognition enables you to feel that you can replicate what you did that got the result. That's why processes produce a feeling of security. When people cognate, they feel more secure.

Immunic masters remove things and feel different, but don't always cognate immediately what that difference will enable them to be, do, or have. And this is precisely what the Accelerator  enables you to do. It must be worked thoroughly.

The Accelerator is probably the most important immunic activity you will ever do - perhaps even more important than removing the cancer or herpes or whatever from your spiral body,

because -

well, let me put it this way. I'm the first person I know of who ever did an Accelerator cycle. I did it on myself. And it's because I did it, and kept doing it over and over again - most of the time reflexively, without even realizing I was doing it - that I became the person I now am.

Without the Accelerator, none of us would have made it to the point where we could give you this Cure College.

If all  you did were Accelerator cycles, and you never even knew about removing things from your spiral body, the cancer would come out anyway at some point.

- Bayard


Do the above quotes seem disjointed or irrelevant to you?

Now just test this one question:

Will regular use of the Accelerator enable me to create change increase from the things I clear?

And then, if you wish, use the answer as a prompt to make up more questions for your own inquiry about this topic.

If you get answers that seem strange . . .


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