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  Another signal - a very important one -


space Work from the general to the specific

Certain symptoms that you may have will interfere with your cure.

For example, when you saw people curing things on the home page, you were supposed to instantly want more access to them -- and have entered your e-mail address in the form next to their movies. Did you?

If not, it’s now probably obvious to you how that symptom -- that disconnection -- could interfere with curing things. And whether or not you've started getting signals, and whether or not you think you're able to do this, join the CureDrive. Do it now - because you need to stay connected to the CureDrive.

Please enter your email address

And if you do stay connected to the CureDrive, and you try every day to do the various things the e-mails tell you to do, at some point you probably will cure what you came here to cure, and a lot more besides.

So here - CureDrive member -- is your ASSIGNMENT -- if you start doing this you will start curing things -- because THAT'S THE ASSIGNMENT -- CURING THINGS -- and if you don't start doing this -- you won't. 


Immunic Action 1: The general all-body pathology removal


testing hand Do I have any pathologies in any of my bodies?

Get a signal?

Now watch this example --

  "..remove all pathologies.."

Whether or not you get a signal on that, do the next immunic action:

testing handAll my bodies are free of pathology.

Get a signal?

If no signal:

testing handI am removing all pathologies from all my bodies.

And do that – remove all pathologies - till you get a signal.

If you don't get a signal right away, keep going.  

The above three actions are what we call immunic action 1 - the general all-body pathology removal. You are checking yourself for pathologies, removing any that you find, and checking again that they're gone.

As you remove pathologies, and other unwanted things that you will discover along the way, you're supposed to get a good feeling, a change of some kind. You're supposed to feel different within a minute or two of the removal.  That good feeling, or that change, is another signal, and a very important one - more important than the finger movement..

Now watch this --

  The 4 BASIC SIGNALS that you've cured something

Test again:

testing handAll my bodies are free of pathology.

Now get a signal. Again, if you don't get a signal, keep removing till you do.

"Removing all ..." -- Toniann Cured Oral Herpes and Epstein-Barr

If you don't get signals right away, keep going anyway.

If you get a signal that you've removed your disease -- the finger movement -- even the good feeling -- DO NOT BEGIN TO BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE CURED YOUR DISEASE -- or that what you just did is THE WAY to cure your disease. You may find yourself succeeding, getting signals, and feeling cured -- your symptoms are erased. And then it all comes back, or part of it comes back. Or something worse comes.

"Why do they reappear?"

Just keep going with this.  By this, we mean whatever lesson in the web college you ever happen to be working on at any given point in your development.

When the symptoms disappear, be happy. Enjoy the peace. Use that happiness to keep on going, to keep working. When the symptoms come back, be aggressive.

First you cure it, then you cure it.

After you beat it back over and over again, eventually it disappears forever. Or maybe you only have to take it out once. Some people have cured flu by taking it out only once -- and flu is a medically incurable and potentially lethal disease, right? So people cure medically incurable diseases by taking them out only once. Sometimes.

"YOU do it."

Or maybe it will always keep coming back, even after it's been gone for years. Like with cancer, WOULD YOU REALLY WANT TO ASSUME IT WAS GONE? And go to sleep at the wheel? Would you ever want to take a chance on your cancer coming back? If you're one of the people with cancer, aren't you planning to stay free of it for the rest of your life? Everyone should be like you.

To cure the disease, you have to find the hiding place - all the hiding places - and remove it from everywhere.

What you just did was the general all-body pathology removal -- In the next lesson you're going to get specific and precise.

THE ASSIGNMENT coutinues on the next page --

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