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Darrin, featuring Barb

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follow-up - all medical tests normal

CureTube - Barb
About Darrin: "Give God a chance."

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  • 5:10
CureTube - Keely
"Cancer cure isn't a head trip!" - Keely   

It's The Biggest Loser
with disease

The success formula and a cancer story
The success formula - Segment 1

The success formula - Segment 2

The success formula - Segment 3

The success formula - Segment 4

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Be our guest on the CureShow
We'll pay for your phone call if you're in the US or Canada.

You do not have to pay for this service.
The world wants your show, and you're doing humanity a service by curing publicly, not just on the show, but also in your life!

When will your CureShow be?
The standard time is 9:15 p.m. Eastern time, USA. Tell us what you want to cure and a little history. CureShows, as you'll hear, can be under half an hour, but you should allow 2 hours because some have been that long. It is best to use a headset when you're on the CureShow so that your hands can be free and your body relaxed. And it can be good to be on a cell phone in a natural and peaceful setting.

Pre-show telephone interview
If you're in the US or Canada, Greg will call you for your pre-show interview, which usually takes 5-10 minutes. If you're outside the US, you will need to call Greg - make an appointment by** e-mail. For the CureShow itself, you'll call our free conference bridge.

Do you have a support group that would like to do a CureShow?
You will all have to be in the same room together to do the show with us.

Three-person telephone CureShows
If you know two other people who want to help you by learning how to cure and doing it with you, we will do a conference CureShow with all three of you. This can demonstrate a new tool for all of our colleagues.  The three of you do not have to be curing anything, just you. 

Call Greg + 813-784-1495
or e-mail

frannie and daisy's puppy

Frannie Hora's Cure Team

CureTube - Angela
Blood chemistry altered - 6 week result - Angela
CureTube - Angela
Another SYMPTOM disappears - Angela

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CureTube - barb
Cancer - Instantaneous removal
tolesson.gif (984 bytes) 6:24



CureTube - Emmie
"You can't cure cancer for her, but you can cure
it with her." 6:38
CureTube - Emmie
Cancer: "It will be like having Ellie & Nel there."

Related topics

  • Mary boosts immune responses depleted by chemotherapy & radiation

Troubleshooting immunic (Curative) actions and activities
Cancer co-factors
How to cure cancer (and other things)*

Shows to learn on

  • AngelicaThe Netherlands 
  • Alan Kwon, M.D., anesthesiologist, relieves back & shoulder pain
  • Casey - also unique testing, goes to the calm, clear place. If you have limited use of your limbs, Casey's testing method could help you.
  • Charlie (with Valerie) - cured skin cancer
  • Orly Doron (Goldstein), Ph.D, molecular biologist and Reiki level 3
  • Deanna - learning to test, simple pathology removal
  • Lou Ignacio, M.D., psychiatrist, removal of contributing factors to dry eczema (giant hives, atopic dermatitis, chronic papular urticaria)
  • Ellen Marie - getting clear signals
  • Mary - chronic fatigue, "fuzziness"
  • Shari - death of her husband  
  • Susan clears up a problem that disabled her testing
  • Tamara Dorris, wellness coach, author of Get Well Now!  If you've already done the tutorials and still haven't connected, this is the show to hear.
  • Teddy17 years old
  • Robin, absolute beginner, free of cervical cancer pain for the first time in 10 years

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When I started doing the tutorials I got the tingling feeling in my hands, same as I have when I send Reiki. But no clear yes/no -- an ongoing tingling. Then I started listening to Cure Shows, and when I was listening to the third or so and not paying too much attention to my hands, all of a sudden I was testing along with the show.
- Esther Konijnenberg, Holland

Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.
- The Talmud

To which we would add: If you save your own life with this,
you could very well end up saving the world.

- Bayard

spacer MD's, Notables, & Notable Cures

testing hand Cure-Group of The Midwest at
The Unity Church

testing hand Alan Kwon, M.D., anesthesiologist, relieves back & shoulder pain

Bill Pelle, former Director of Fair Housing
and Equal Opportunity for the Mid-Atlantic Region of HUD civil rights, an advanced immuner who cured hepatitis B,
demonstrates removal of sciatica
caused by a bone sliver touching the
sciatic nerve
Pelle6.jpg (4525 bytes)

  • Bill 2  follow-up - sciatica cured
    in 1 week
  • Bill 3 follow-up - more details on
  • how he cured it

Bonnie Hansen Ph.D., nutritional counselor and hands-on healer, accesses information about how to control/cure her diabetes and cancer, and gives a short comparative
analysis of immunics / dowsing (

testing hand Kathy Keating,
a top ranked U.S. National Senior Women's Tennis Association champion

Reiki master Martin Lee Great Britain-Scotland (his
website) demonstrates accessing the calm, clear place in this show about the
relationship of Reiki to immunics

testing hand Lou Ignacio, M.D., psychiatrist,
removal of contributing factors to dry
eczema (giant hives, atopic dermatitis,
chronic papular urticaria)

testing hand Seth Friedman, D.C., chiropractor

Glenda Johnson, M.S.W., hypnotherapist, Reiki master, rebirther, demonstrates
removal of predispositions, desires, and cravings related to smoking (smoking is a dysfunction of the immune system)

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space The Basic Kit

Kit includes 3-month
Colleagueship (access to the
entire Cure College - audio lectures, CureShows, video lessons, text lessons), CD - Becoming an Immuner, both eBooks, 10 cure stickers

$90 donation

To send a check or cash
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Colleagueship only

Access to entire Cure College - audio lectures, CureShows, video lessons, text lessons.

The book A Call to Immunics space A Call to Immunics
eBook Textbook
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PDFs in English, Italian and Spanish.

The Secret Meets The CureDrive The Secret Meets The CureDrive
e-Book Textbook
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Becoming an immuner CD Becoming an Immuner
CD  more info

Donated by a
Colleague who cured terminal cancer.

Car stickers CureStickers
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Colema Boards
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If you need financial aid for tuition only,
write to Greg Morkovin requesting the application questionnaire

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