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This is not here to give you lessons, this web college that we've created. This is here to bond us together as colleagues so that you can help stop disease on this planet.

-  Bayard

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decorative graphicThe Creed of WHUM


The 911 atrocity as a symptom


Global immunological consensus

The Chernobyl syndrome

Ecoimmunological tipping (use You are more likely to cure things with immunics when you prove to yourself at least one of these things with this talk)

The dimension of the Noosphere
(Search for web articles on Teilhard de Chardin and the Noosphere)

What you can do right now about polar shift

Series - Fairness 

  1. Fairness and compulsive fairness
  2. Ethics and emotional signals as determiners of dereliction of duty
  3. The distance / fairness balance
  4. Deflection, and other problematic actions
  5. When your ally falls
  6. Get the right people
  7. Fairness / risk
  8. Countermission / sabotage
  9. Group autoimmune diseases

The unification of World Harmonic Unified Ministers

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Are you the Stuart Goldstein of ending the the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?
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