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The ImmunicsBuddies Code of Honor
We learn the most when we teach while learning.

Glenda Johnson and Bayard Barnes explain immunicsBuddies
Bayard Barnes explains immunicsBuddies

If my experience with watching thousands of people cure things has taught me one thing about you, and your chances of curing what you came in here to cure, it's that if I can somehow influence you to be a buddy to other people who are curing things, and to share in the experience with them the way I'm doing with you right now, you'll probably be free of symptoms, including any symptoms that are detectable on a medical test, within months, if not days or weeks.

If you want the benefit of some of that experience, listen to the Cure Shows. They're where I got a lot of it.

I cured my herpes; I'm helping you cure your cancer.  By showing you how to cure your cancer, I have remained in a place that caused my herpes to stay cured -- you, in curing your cancer, have actually fed my herpes cure back to me, and kept me safe from herpes.

Anybody who thinks their immune system is limited to the their physical body is crazy.

These are not ordinary internet groups.   They're not "news" groups or chat.  They are people on the buddy system coaching each other in curing things.

ImmunicsBuddies Cure Groups are forums where immuners coach each other in practicing immunics to prevent and cure serious medical conditions and lethal diseases. It works exactly like 12-Step, the only difference being that we are actually able to cure it. You'll begin to succeed against your disease with the first immunic action you do.  Some diseases may not be curable with immunics: addiction may not be curable with immunics, but you can certainly feel whole lot better.  12-Step people would do well in a to bring their 12-Step groups here; we can show them how to remove the cravings, which will make staying off the substance as a whole lot easier, though they'll still need major support from each other.   Immunics makes people happier, and more comfortable, while they're getting well.

You are here to help your buddies cure it, solve it, or get free of it.  However you want to say that or think about it is fine.   Incidentally, you also help yourself, and are helped.  That's the way buddies work.  When you're a scuba buddy, you watch the other diver.  Then you get to see the fish.  And maybe you even get to spear some.

If you feel you can't help anybody because you haven't done any immunics or cured anything, just tell us and some of us well come along and help you get through that.  Remember at all times that you are here not only to cure you; you came to help the rest of us.  Be accordingly responsive and involved, no matter how inept or unable you feel, judge yourself to be, or think you are.   Those judgments will fade as you help.  Obviously, you'll have to work as hard as possible on your own in order to fulfill the responsibility of an immunics buddy.   When it's obvious you're doing that, your requests for assistance are welcome.

When your buddy is better at it than you, and has been helping you, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of her, easy to fail to realize when she's in trouble.  We know this, and we caution you about it now.

None of us are perfect, but we help each other anyway.  Our shared strengths compensate for our weakness.  As each of us succeed with a few aspects of curing whatever it is the group is about, and share those things freely, and also share our weakness freely, and freely make mistakes which others notice and talk about, as we expose ourselves to the interplay of knowledge, we build a group immune system against the disease that at some point becomes unstoppable, and will sweep the disease off the earth.

We, us little guys, can do that.  We can eradicate a disease from the planet by sharing knowledge with each other.  It starts right here, in this group, right now, with lil ol' you.

Am I saying, "We can cure this for you?"  "We can show you how to cure this?" No.  I'm saying you can cure it.  And if you find you can't, why, you can always unsubscribe to the group.  No sense getting unnecessary e-mails, right?  And if you keep telling everybody else in the group that you can't, or failing to do your homework, and you're distracting the other members, we'll unsubscribe you.

Please enter this group by sending us an opening introduction. Use the outline on this page.

If you have not yet begun doing / training yourself in immunics, go to the homepage of this iCollege and start. There is no password required to use the basic tutorials, where you learn how to do it. The best one is the movie. If you can't watch movies, you'll have to use both the audio and the text tutorials together.

A few key points

Give each other assignments. Be responsible for nudging your buddy. Inspire creativity in changing the assignments to something that hits the nail on the head.

When to give each other assignments, check that they get done or started within 24 hours. A variation on the assignment that the person you give it to creates which turns out to be more appropriate is not only acceptable, but the highest form of completion.

We make life-change suggestions to each other. We never insist that anyone follow a suggestion. But we never stop talking about it until the situation is resolved this.

We make every attempt to let in the points of view of others and dredge any validity we possibly can out of them. Even dysfunctional people who have negative ulterior motives often tell us useful things. We make every attempt to hear and employ what is useful that comes in from the world around us.

We don't stop applying immunic remedies and solutions to anything undesirable about our environments, or ourselves whether our immunicsBuddies prod us to or not. We work toward health all day, 24/7, for the world and ourselves.

We express our love by showing people immunics, and giving them actions to do right in the moment.

ImmunicsBuddies are God's secret weapon.

Answers to questions you'll probably have later, so you ought to know now

We are strict about the guidelines of these groups, because they deal with life-and-death matters. People who for any reason ignore the guidelines are first coached, then warned, and finally bounced. If you're bounced, you can always come back when you're ready to follow the guidelines.

If you did not join the Cure Drive list when you began as you were told to, please do so immediately. We don't want anyone in any Cure Group who is not receiving the immunics e-mails from the Cure Drive.

Never abandon other things that are working for you, such as your allopathic medication, or your relationship with your doctor, until you are fully certain you don't need them anymore -- in the case of your doctor and her treatment, she'll tell you when that is.

When you get the smallest result, change, or suspect that you've had a result, immediately tell the rest of us -- it's inspiring, and we need that!

Please stick to conversations about curing the disease this group is about, because this will focus the group.

Here are some reasons, Immunics Buddy, why the moderator to the group might not let one of your e-mails through, or part of it might be deleted before it goes through:

  • YOUR E-MAIL MAY HAVE BEEN APPROVED BUT SOME TECHNICAL PROBLEM MAY HAVE STOPPED IT FROM GOING THROUGH. If you think your e-mail fulfills the requirements of these guidelines, and you didn't see posted, please tell the moderator.
  • You're asking a bunch of questions without first having done your homework. What does this mean? Well, there are about a million ways to do your homework in the CureCollege. Here are a few:
    • Listen to audios, such as Hotlines, Cure Shows, or just the audios in the directories, till you get it.
    • Complete one or more of the basic tutorials.
    • Test through the Hierarchy of Skills on the Hub and work the thing that your testing takes you to till you feel a substantial result.
    • Surf around the college by testing.
    • If you're asking a question, please ask one and only one question in each e-mail.  Wait until you get that question answered before you ask another question, by dialoging about the question.  If no one responds, write directly to the moderator.  Go to the members list and find the person who has a yellow star next to her name -- she's the moderator.
  • You were in a mindset that was causing you to use the words "try, can't, and but."
  • You were trying to sell something. Please feel free to recommend anything you want in this group, because we can test for it. But don't ask us to buy it from you.
  • You weren't in the spirit of discovery and learning.
  • You weren't having any fun.
  • You gave a "summary" of how to cure this. Summaries are always oversimplifications. They help some people, mislead others. Show lines down which to test, what's worked for you.

These are just examples. All of us are capable of coming up with new ones, and it's the moderator's job to stop them -- a difficult job! One of your responsibilities as an immunics buddy, even though you're not the moderator, is to spot where members of this group are "putting one over on" the rest of us, where the moderator misses one.

If you're participating this group, you have to be a hundred percent responsible for everything that happens in it. Don't let anything into the group that's not immunics, whether you're the moderator or not, and whether it comes from you or anybody else.

If you are a doctor and you teach immunics with what you learn this group:

  • Send part of the money that you earn to WHUM.
  • Bring your most successful patients to the group to help other people, and learn more themselves from the other members. Invite all of your patients to come, but make sure your best ones do.
  • Post immunics results that you get with your patients in the group, so the members can see how you do it.

Curing in the Cure Drive and/or in the Cure Groups happens in focused interactions among small groups of members, maybe two or three of them, but often more with one buddy asking for help and the others supplying it. Most of us are onlookers much of the time.

We all need to instantaneously know everything you're doing to cure this, which makes keeping anything that you accomplish, either with yourself or for somebody else, a serious violation of your Code of Honor.

All e-mail interactions must happen in the group, so that they're available to all the members. Anyone soliciting help from immunicsBuddy "privately" will be asked to re-read these guidelines and, after reading them, to re-commit to the group.

People who insist on hoarding knowledge or being unfair in other ways will ultimately be barred from the group.  To get a more complete perspective on what it is to be fair to the other immunicsBuddies, listen to the series of lectures on fairness.

I fully understand why some people disgrace themselves in this manner; they're motivated, driven, by the very things that they must remove in order to heal themselves in the emotional and spiritual areas. If you find yourself feeling the urge to grab an immunicsBuddy who seems talented and solicit help without giving them, or the other immunicsBuddies, any help of yours, go to the lesson on impairments.

In addition to focused e-mail interactions there are also two other kinds of focused interactions that happen "outside" of the group, the results of which must be brought into the group, and these are interactions that happen either in person or by telephone.

Focused in-person and telephone interactions among small contingents of members of any group are very useful, though not essential.

All e-mails about this, asking specific immunicsBuddies to join you in focused interactions, must be sent through the group. After your meeting, each person who participated must report to the entire immunicsBuddies group what they did, and got, out of the meeting. This guideline is particularly important -- everyone must be on the lookout for ways that people break it. For example, it's possible to have a completely aboveboard focused interaction with some other immunicsBuddies, and then not notice that one of them didn't report to the rest of us what happened for him or her in the interaction. When you see this, it's very important to ask the person to share with everyone. Certainly do not have any further focused interactions with someone who hasn't reported on the last one.

Telephone meetings of three or more people can easily be set up on a free conference bridge -- a company on the Web that provides them:

Watch out guys! I may show up at some of these focused phone interactions, because I'll have the number of the bridge you're using in the e-mails you sent to the group. I enjoy coming to those, and learn a lot from them. I need to learn, because I'm going to eradicate disease from this planet, and you have to know a lot to do that.

Please say what has specifically worked for you.

Speed and creativity

Many things will be recommended in this group, and you must test for yourself which ones will help you and which ones not to bother looking at. It is one of the key benefits of immunic testing.

Don't read all the e-mails you get; there are too many of them, and many won't be right for you.

But --

Read all the ones that you test to read. When you test for a long one, run your finger down the screen and test the exact paragraph, and, yes, even the exact sentence that you need to read. Then do the immunic action it implies, or, if you need to, create, out of the information that you get there, an immunic action to do; do it, and then cycle that immunic action back to the rest of us. This is the approach to curing things you must employ.

Create and test new questions about how to cure this. Follow the threads of those questions to immunic actions. Do, and test the effectiveness of, the immunic actions. Tell us about them. We'll help you improve and refine those immunic actions. Keep cycling the information like this. This will also develop your intuitiveness. This is the way you create a curing information cycle.

Invite to the Cure Drive and to your Cure Group(s) everyone you know and love who wants you to be free of illness, because they at least need to know what you're doing, and be able to watch what you do for yourself, possibly give some coaching of their own, and simply give their love and best wishes to your efforts. Don't explain anything about immunics to them -- the e-mails will do that naturally if they just join the discussion. Tell them that you want them to be here for you, and to find out about it from us.

Invite them here:

If you are one of the friends, start training yourself in immunics as quickly as possible so that you can actually help the person if they falter. If you are simply choosing to watch and listen, without actually teaching yourself how to help, you are welcome, but don't post to the Cure Drive until you've actually shifted over to teaching yourself.

Create a curing cadre

Once this becomes real for you, go to other, non-immunics groups about your disease, where they may not even have a clue that the disease can be cured, and tell the people what's happening for you. That's part of being in the Cure Drive. There's an awful lot of suffering out there, and immediately after you first begin doing immunics you will be in a privileged position to end it, at least for certain people. They cure themselves, but we cure them -- if not for us, they stay sick, and become disfigured, crippled, or die. This is the reality. Stay grounded in it.

Cause the members of your Cure Group to become a revolutionary cadre that eradicates this disease from the planet by bringing everyone in the world who has the disease into relationship with what you're doing.

Do this by; first of all, taking effective actions yourself, such as posting in many newsgroups about this disease, and then directly asking people who you brought here from that group, and who have had success with immunics, to join you in posting in those groups.

-- -- --

Once you've taught yourself to test, and have a few results, post an opening introduction to all the immunicsBuddies groups you belong to except the Cure Drive. Introduce yourself by filling out and posting the the ImmunicsBuddies Questionnaire -- it will help your buddies understand you better, and therefore be in a better position to help you. Some of them will be able to spots flaws that you can polish, and holes you can close.

You'll notice the questionnaire asks you for the results you've produced with immunics. You'll want to have a few things to tell us about what you've done with immunics before you fill out the questionnaire. If you haven't got anything to say that, it means it's too early to introduce yourself in this way -- your original posts, telling us what you're doing with immunics, do make a fine initial "hit" for everybody in your group. If you haven't updated your introduction and you're joining a new group, you ought to do that before you join -- otherwise you can send out the same introduction.

Go forward with all of this as quickly as possible -- any group goes only as fast as the slowest member!

frannie and daisy's puppy   Sincerely, Frannie

Frances Hora, an elder of  WHUM

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