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space All filming, teaching, and appearances are by volunteers.

The fine points of curing flu, or helping someone cure theirs

Flus and colds are easy to cure. For some people it only takes a few minutes to cure a flu and have it stay away permanently, or at least until they're re-exposed.

We'll show you how to develop a skill set that enables you to cure flu, and many other conditions, physical or emotional -- just do Lesson #1.

Now that you know people cure flu, what are you going to do about it? 
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Cure on the sidewalk
California volunteers teach flu cure in the street.

Cathy and Liam"There is a nasty virus going around the small town I live in. My 4-year-old removed this virus yesterday. I've done immunics almost three years now....I don't seem to get viruses anymore. My husband lies in bed, sick, missing work, refuses to do immunics. You do the math."
Cathy di Pietro, Ontario, Canada

Help us defuse the flu pandemic
Your first action -- link your e-mail signature on every e-mail you send, as follows:
40,000 cures and counting.


You can hear people doing this on the The Flu Hotline CureShows, where the guests demonstrate curing the flu.

The information on this page is not meant to train you to cure your flu, which would happen by listening to the Hotline shows, and doing the The 2-Step Video or Audio Startup Course, but to help you avoid the problems and pitfalls that people run into who are succeeding, or have succeeded, with curing their flu. It's about where people go wrong once they succeed.

First teach yourself immunics

You do that with The 2-Step Video or Audio Startup Course. Or you can start by listening to the Hotline shows. You can do both. You can listen to the shows while studying the text tutorials.

The flu will start to diminish the minute you do any kind of immunics. This will not mean that it is "cured," just that you feel better.


Keep at it

You can cure flu any time at any stage of its development.

Once the flu symptoms have either completely disappeared or seem to be decreasing rapidly, stay vigilant for their return, or for them to begin increasing again. Then, if you've got the flu on the run, it's OK to pause with doing immunics for a few minutes, forget about it for a few minutes, then check back to see if it's disappeared.

Flus come back. Or a new one comes. People tend to think if something is cured it's gone forever, but that's certainly not how allopathic drugs work, is it? In Africa people die of bacterial infections when mothers share antibiotic regimens with their children instead of completing the regimen themselves. And this is what enables mutated strains of bacteria to develop that can no longer be treated with certain antibiotics. The same thing happens in the United States when people are too poor to afford their own drugs, or too lazy simply to keep up their regimen.

It is human nature to think that when something is cured it's gone and will never come back, and this idea crosses borders and socioeconomic brackets. It's an idea that kills people.

There are no medications for the flu, but the same principles that apply to allopathic regimens for bacterial infections apply to curing a flu with immunics. Keep at it long enough and the flu doesn't come back anymore, at least not until you're re-exposed to it. And if you live in the same house with someone who has it, that might be immediately. So, bottom line, immuners who don't get the flu when they're re-exposed are immuners who don't stop checking for it when there's any danger at all, and/or who remove it at the first sign of any symptoms, or even better, who regularly check for and remove it so that the first signs don't even get a chance to come anymore. Flus go instantly when you stop them at the first sign of symptoms, but if the symptoms are well-developed, it may take over an hour to cure it.

You simply have to keep pounding away, whether for moments or for hours, and keep re-checking, whether for hours, days, or weeks.

The last flu Frannie ever got

That was at least six years ago, when we were in Philadelphia. Most of us stopped getting flu right around the time we discovered immunics in 1993, as did Frannie, so Frannie hadn't had the flu for years.

When it first came on she let it run for a while, possibly a couple of hours, before taking action against it. I must say here that taking action against an incoming disease of any kind can be difficult at first. It seems we all have delayed reaction syndrome. We believe things should either go away without us having to do anything, or that we can't do anything about them. Anyway, Frannie started working on this flu and her symptoms had completely gone by the time she went to bed.

Around an hour and a half after she went to sleep she woke up with the flu symptoms starting up again. She got up, went to the bathroom, and did whatever immunic actions she was doing to cure it. It took her 10 or 15 minutes. Her symptoms were completely gone when she went back to sleep.

Another hour and a half later she woke up again with the flu returning again. She repeated the above procedure, again becoming symptom-free, and went back to sleep again. This happened several more times throughout the night. By morning when she awakened, there was no flu. Think of it this way: they keep attacking, and you beat them back. Then they attack again, and you beat them back again. At some point, they don't come back. That was the last time Frannie ever got the flu, as of this writing, which is happening about seven days before the year 2004.

The reason I have gone to the trouble of telling you this story is beyond curing your flu. It is about how an immuner develops. Sometimes, when people can't cure things quickly, it may be because God wants you to develop as an immuner, which is different from doing immunics or curing things. We immuners are ornery cusses. We don't get sick; we win. Immuner meets disease; disease dies.

No compromise.

Find the right level of precision

People have to address their flus at different levels of preciseness. Nobody can discover what that level is but you. That just depends on you -- your makeup. That's why we have a Spot-Cure Hotline. Curing flu doesn't take long, so we can show you a lot of different people doing it fast. And as you listen to different people on the Spot-Cure Hotline shows, and hear them going to different levels of precision with their own cures, you can select, by experimenting, the level of precision that's right for you.

After you've cured your flu, keep listening to the Spot-Cure Hotline

This will prevent your flu from coming back -- no kidding! You'll find yourself doing additional actions that you hear on the show that will simply immunize you to further infections. Use the Hotline shows like they were a radio playing in the background while you work, until you're certain you've become savvy enough so you're not going to get the flu anymore, and then stop listening to them if you want to. You can always go back to them if you start to get infected again.

Do enough immunics, and you won't get the flu

This writer never had to cure flu. I started doing a lot of immunics about other things right from the beginning.  Celeste Turner was the same way. She cured lupus, and then discovered she wasn't getting flus any more.

Well, I lied. In the past 10 years there have been a few times when I started to get infected with something -- I don't know if they were flu, but they were various ear, nose, and throat type things. I followed the procedures that you hear people using on the Spot-Cure Hotline, and whacked them in a few minutes. I had no recurrences. But then, I'm highly immune to things like the flu.

What are the "other things" that a normal, un-diseased person can do with immunics to prevent themselves from ever getting the flu? Well, they're things we all need to do for ourselves, and they're listed in this Hierarchy of Skills. Doing them will make you happy.

Fear the flu, but don't avoid exposure

As Frannie once said, "That's how you build immunity: you get sick, and cure it."

How to help children

Children must do immunics just like grown-ups -- there's no difference. Children are often much quicker at teaching themselves immunics, and succeeding with it, than grown-ups.

  • Listen to the Spot-Cure Hotline with the child.
  • Tell the child to imitate what she or he is hearing.
  • Do all the procedures on the child just like you're doing them on yourself.
  • Stay with the child until the flu is gone.
  • Invite other children with the flu to do this with you.

Your child will be able to resist the flu when exposed to it after teaching him or herself immunics, and when helping another child to do immunics. But put safety first. Use judgment. Don't follow what you're told on a sheet of strategy points blindly. Test whether or not it's OK to do things before you start doing them.

Cure your flu not for yourself, but for all of humanity

It may just be ordained by God that some of us can't cure flu unless our intention to do so comes from a real caring and compassion for other people.

The Dalai Lama said something about this. He said, "We attain enlightenment for all sentient beings." Well, it looks like God is with the Dalai Lama on this one. So if you're having a difficult time destroying your flu, you might try re-making your commitment to cure it on the basis that it will help children in Africa and other helpless people to cure their flu if you cure yours. Every cure feeds into the global cure bank in some unfathomable yet obvious way, and makes it more likely that the next person who tries will cure their flu. Some of us are doing pretty good right now.

If you listen to the taped shows of the Spot-Cure Hotline you will hear people causing instantaneous reduction of their flu symptoms within the first minute or two that they start doing immunics.

To be in immuner is to be a revolutionary

In Africa, the issue was passes. The white government decreed that blacks were to carry passes. Revolutionary blacks burned their passes in public.

For immuners the issue is the flu. We cure our flues in public. For any us of us to have the flu, then, is like it was for a black person in South Africa to be imprisoned without trial, beaten, tortured, or killed.

Curing your flu is a disease activist's act, especially if you tell everyone you possibly can, including your doctor, that you've done so. So is not getting the flu at all.

This is how we will eradicate all diseases. If you can cure the flu, you can cure cancer. You can hear people curing cancer, just like the flu, on the Cure Shows about cancer. Our first and most recent CD was donated by a guy who happened to own a CD company and who cured his cancer with the same skills you're using to cure your flu. His cure happened after his doctor gave him up for dead, told him he had three months to live, and arranged hospice care for him!

The way to fight for the world is to cure your flu, and get absolutely no flus, ever. To be in immuner is to be a revolutionary. And we must agitate like revolutionaries, or children and many others will die of the flu.

Tell the media we're doing this

We have to reach the media. If not, a lot of people are going to die of the flu in the next few weeks. We have to reach somebody who can do something. It may only take one person. Call the 6 o'clock news. Tell them what you did. If one service picks up the story, all the rest of them will, too. This has to be all over everything, everywhere.

They can even try to expose it. It won't matter, since it works. People will start out by reading the exposť for entertainment and end up curing their flu.

Remember, flus are easy to cure. There's no danger of messing anything up here.

space We'll show you how
Develop a skill set that enables you to cure viral-based disease, cancer, and many other conditions, physical or emotional -- just do Lesson one.

All filming, teaching, and appearances are by volunteers.

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