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Who we are, what we give you, and what we expect to see happen

Beyond those of us whose names appear on this site, the information you are about to receive is brought to you by a great many Harmonic masters who have used the Harmonic to produce results they believed were beyond the abilities of any normal human being, and certainly beyond their abilities.

One main way they assisted was by healing themselves in most dramatic fashions, such as blocking a flu virus and watching the symptoms disappear within half an hour -- without using vitamin C, herbs, penicillin, or any external means. Some of us have cured "incurable" diseases, and those of us who haven't didn't have an incurable disease to cure.

Harmonic accessing

And so we give you Harmonic accessing, and a way of easily checking that you're doing it using a simple testing method that is widely used among health professionals and spiritually minded people. This checking method is not Harmonic accessing. To win with this you will need to see, sense, and feel, and to make subtle corrections to get yourself around places where you otherwise might stop or get stuck.

All of us who give this to you know it's possible to teach yourself this on your own, by following the instructions you will find here. They also know that if you do that you will be able to show any willing person how to do it. This is to say that Harmonic accessing has the innate capacity to spread like wildfire, killing every disease  in its path. What you will be trained in is so simple that, if you want to, you will be able to go into a support group for people who have HIV, or lupus, or herpes, or whatever, and teach them to cure it.

Even so, there is uncertainty among us. Harmonic accessing is too simple. People believe in and commit themselves to complex, exhausting  treatment processes. And many die as a result. Because simplicity can scare you.

So what, exactly, do we expect to see happen?

We on this planet have been helpless against an invasion of fast-mutating viruses. We expect to see people - at first only a tiny number of people - who can mutate faster than viruses and destroy them.

My herpes outbreaks ended abruptly four years ago. They ended in the middle of the second or third worst herpes outbreak I ever had in my life, and one that was accompanied by horrible yeast infections in my glands. But I ended all of it, including the yeast infections, with Harmonic accessing, and in the case of the yeast infections, the remedies I accessed worked within minutes. It took hours for the swelling to go down. But then I had looked like I had a small football in my neck.

Could I block an Ebola-smallpox strain like the one the Russians engineered at this point in my development?

I don't know.

But we also know that Harmonic masters affect one another. The more proficient any one of us becomes, the more proficient we all become. We create slight, subtle changes in each other as we individually move forward. We see that this forward movement ultimately will create a new kind of human being - one who is simply not susceptible to the disease and suffering that people now know as a normal and acceptable part of human life - and we already see the shadow of that in ourselves.

Exit Homo sapiens. Enter Homo ecstaticus!

That idea - of humanity undergoing such a radical transformation - also frightens certain people.   

But we expect some of you to do quite well.

Some people, when they come to this site, will try to read about it and understand it, and when they can't - and they can't, because it must be experienced - will surf on.

Some people, when they come to this site, will not surf on.

Of those who don't, of those who start doing it, some will have instant success, and some won't. Of the ones who don't have instant success, some will persevere  and some won't. And even among people who succeed with this, only some of you will fall in love with it, see it as something that is actually beyond miraculous. Oh, miracles happen every day. Everybody has had miracles. Not everybody can cause a miracle at will, whenever they choose.

And the people who realize that the ability to cause miracles is now within their grasp are the people who fully comprehend Harmonic accessing. So, even of those of you who succeed instantly, some will fail to appreciate it. Only some of you will fall in love with it. If you do, you will gradually begin to live from your Harmonic mastery in each moment of your life.

And the number of you will increase.

Because we who have had dramatic success have already begun to form a wave that will ultimately sweep those who were unmoved into Harmonic connection.  Humanity is headed for new spiritual, emotional, and physical immunity.  It's just a matter of time.

Thank you,


Bayard Barnes, an elder of WHUM

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Barb Retson, who came from Santa Fe to help build this Web site, and her dog Missy
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The house in Philadelphia where we built the Web site. We worked so hard that it was nicknamed "the minimum security prison"


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