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Who is this for?

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You need three qualities. They come from practical, hands-on experience. Experience of the calm, clear place. And certainty that you can go there dependably

We call them, all rolled together, confidence.

The three are:

confidence in yourself,

confidence in God, and

confidence in us.

Confidence in yourself sounds like: "If somebody else did it, I can do it, too." Or "I can win with this, like I do with everything."

Confidence in God is a feeling of certainty that God is protecting you. She'll let you go in the wrong direction for a while -- if you insist on it, for a long while. But she's not going to let you go down the tubes just because you made some silly mistake. As long as you maintain your intention to stay on the right track, and you keep your eyes open about where you're headed, she'll support that.

She'll flash you the right signals, and has already put the right things in your path.   

Does God do it or do you do it?

And as for confidence in us . . .

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