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   Immunity is not information-based, it is state-based

And we've all been immune, or immune in some way or other, to something or other, so we know what that feels like to be immune.

It feels like a lot of things.

It feels like bad stuff will run off your back like water off a duck. It feels like bad stuff comes in, but dissolves and turns into energy - good, nourishing energy, your energy - instead of the toxic substance it was. It feels like bad stuff being expelled.

It feels like a lot of things. But it feels.

You're immune when you're in that state, have that feeling. And it's the state that generates immunity.

It's why so many masters of the teaching of healing - Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay - talk about how you feel.

You're immune when you feel it.

And when you feel it, you're generating your own immunity.

It's like the calm, clear place. In the calm, clear place you are more immune because you are stress-free. And the calm, clear place is not just a good feeling. But the calm, clear place is not immunity. It's just a context for immunity, or a result of immunics.

But the calm, clear place also generates immunity.

The calm, clear place is an indicator that you are generating your own immunity. And in and of itself, it generates immunity for you. And not just because you're stress-free, but because in the calm, clear place you're making connections. Under the surface of that absence of thought and struggle, there are perceptions happening. And those perceptions are being connected to one another - a million of them, a billion of them, per instant. And you don't think about them, you don't memorize them, you don't analyze them. They happen.

And then there's a result. Like a minute or two later you see something to do for yourself.

A good response that comes easy. You do a new behavior which at first seems like just a good idea for something to do now - and then later, after you've done it and liked it and gotten a result from it, you start to think that maybe you'd like to continue doing this new behavior. Maybe it's going to become a part of you, a part of the way you behave.  

Behaviors alter to exactly what you want them to be when you RIK the correct set of things completely enough so that you are in the calm, clear place during those behavioral situations.  

The calm, clear place is a state. So is knowingness. And knowingness is a state, but it's not a bunch of things you know. And knowingness is not what people usually think of when they think of what it is to know something. People who try to "know" their way to immunity are doomed to failure.

Knowingness means to know that you can know.

And that is a state. And that is immunity.

Because when I know that I can know, at the right time, when I need to know something to make myself immune, I probably will know it, because I will let myself know it. I will let myself conceive of the bold plan. And boldness is also a state - maybe the only state from which effective action springs. And anything less than boldness is probably a negative state from which actions that are less that immune, or immunocompromised, spring. .

Immunity is a state you attain, not calmness or a bunch of things you know.  And when you're immune you behave in certain ways. Immune ways.

But remember, immunity is not behavior-based.

It is state-based. And the immune behaviors are generated from the state of immunity. Good behaviors are immunity-based. So immunity can look as if it's behavior-based, but it isn't.

And the state of immunity eliminates bad behaviors.

If you have a behavior you want to eliminate, simply be in the state where you don't feel like doing the behavior anymore. You get there by doing Harmonic accessing about the specifics of the behavior. This will cause you to RIK around the behavior: that is, you will remove things that cause the behavior; you will install things that cause new behaviors that diverge you from the behavior, and you will come to know things about the behavior that set off alarm bells whenever you start to do the behavior.

You will also install alarm systems about the behavior. You will add the behavior to your gauge, and do a thousand other things around the behavior that will cause a negative behavior to undergo extinction, and an effective behavior to be installed. The main thing is you have to be in the state where you don't feel like doing the negative behavior, and feel like doing  the positive one.

So simply work on yourself till you get to the immune state.

Now some behaviors aren't - they're absences.

For example, let's say you find yourself being disinterested in what people have to say. This is common among human beings. You have probably noticed a great many times when someone was talking and you weren't listening. This is a good example because it's simple and common.

Believe it or not, it is abnormal to feel this way.

If you're with someone who's talking at you and you're not listening, you're in a dysfunction. Believe it or not, you are.

Go ahead - test that.

testing handIs that always the case?

Yes, even if you're busy with something else and they're talking at you and you haven't told them not to do that, you're in a dysfunction.

You could call the dysfunction "being out of relationship," for lack of a better term.

When this happens, stop and RIK.

When you get to the calm, clear place that results from that type of RIKing - and it probably has to be specifically from that type of RIKing - you will notice that you are now perfectly happy sitting and listening attentively to what they have to say. Which may, in fact, put an end to the conversation. Listening attentively doesn't necessarily mean you're interested in the content. So as you're listening and realizing what you feel about it, you will probably at some point say, "Excuse me, but I'm not interested in this." Or you will excuse yourself in some other way. Nicely, and from the calm, clear place.

The calm, clear place, which is your immunity, tends to communicate itself to other people.

Your state of immunity produces a similar immune state in others.

So if you want to serve humanity, be immune.

So many people try to serve humanity without being immune. They try to immunize others without immunizing themselves.

In airplanes, they tell you not to do that. They tell you, "If the oxygen masks fall, do not put the mask on the child first. Put it on yourself first."

Shouldn't you set up your life like that? Shouldn't you put the mask on yourself first at all times? Shouldn't you always take care of yourself first? Shouldn't you be absolutely selfish and manage to stay absolutely immune, and then, from that place of havingness, knowingness, and serenity, from that place of disentanglement with everybody else's shit, couldn't you effectively move toward them and help them?

Isn't that really the only way you can ever help anybody - if you're cool, clear, collected, and competent? Don't you need resources to help people? If you deplete your resources, what happens to the people you're trying to help? Bad things, right?

Let's look at ourselves as subatomic particles.

At one time, in the distant past, before there was any such thing as time, we were all subatomic particles. And we brought those properties up with us into the present. And we still behave just as we did when we were subatomic particles, though we've also added a few behaviors on top.

So we're still doing to each other what we did when we were subatomic particles, such as causing vibrations in each other, imitating each other's vibrations, creating a vibration reverberation among us.

This isn't something new. It isn't the "New Age," it's the way it's always been. And it's what immunity is - state-based, vibration-based.

Haven't people recently come up with something called vibrational medicine? Isn't that some sort of cutting-edge new healing art?

Well, it isn't. It's the re-accessing of something that predates acupuncture, and acupuncture is old. It predates the Rig Veda, and the Rig Veda is old. And it predates recorded human history.

Essentially you are a subatomic particle, so you cause other people who are also particles, and highly affected by your vibrations, to vibrate the way you do.

Your immune vibration creates massive vibrational reverberations that extend outward endlessly from you. And this truly is the gift that you are, the gift that God has given to the world by creating you.


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