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How people who try to get a signal and can't
finally do - Part 1 8:23
CureTube - Getting a signal with Nel & Jahn
How people who try to get a signal finally do
Part 2 9:57


Table of contents

space If you can't connect or access
I notice some people need a little more time than others. Some people might need days when they first start and they try to do this and they don't connect.

- Bayard

Well, first of all, don't worry.  Neither could most of us - and we wrote the site.If you're serious about learning this and you're willing to persevere, you'll connect.

If you can't learn the testing approaches that we're showing you in this basic tutorial, but have another testing method that you're already skilled at, just use it to start curing your disease. You cure diseases with the advanced text lessons, audios, and videos.  You start learning immunics by teaching yourself. That's what this Cure College really is anyway -- a college of immunics where you cure yourself of diseases and raise your immune system in the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas.

Many people who come in here already do other types of "testing." They use pendulums, various kinds of "muscle testing," dowsing rods, and other approaches. If you have/are having trouble teaching yourself the approach we're showing you, you can still do the text lessons using any of those methods. The methods we teach here are more direct and faster, and also more adaptable for use in various situations. If you do the text lessons using a method you've already been shown, at some point you will become, by nature, more direct and faster and be able to test the way we're showing you. Keep experimenting with our approaches while using the ones you've already trained yourself to do.

So if you already have another testing method that you're good at, and you're having trouble with these, just get started. These basic skills will come later.   

We fingertest because . . .

Here's a list of things that worked for other people. One of these, or something else entirely, something you make up, will work for you. It only takes one to put you over the top.

Remember, if you can just do it once, then you'll know you can do it.

You can never lose it after that.

The list:

  • If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
  • Say to yourself: "I am now connecting to the Harmonic" while you take five deep breaths. When your finger opens - you've connected!
  • Write down a few things you want.  After you've written some that you feel really good about, see if you can connect.
  • Do something you enjoy, and try connecting in the middle of it. You don't have to be sitting in front of your computer to teach yourself to connect. 
  • Yes, you can even try connecting during sex. That's not a joke.
  • Entertain loving thoughts and then try connecting.
  • Take a break. Give it a rest. Try connecting every few hours.
  • Remember - testing is the tool, not the goal.
  • Invite a friend to connect herself without telling her you didn't.  If she connects and you watch her, you'll see how it's done. Or even if you don't see how it's done, you'll then have a friend who will show you how it's done (buddies help!).
  • Perhaps this is a good time for you to listen to or read
    Stuck in Your Accessing Skill? Maybe what you need is the proper attitude - part 1,
    since it walks you through fingertesting at the beginning.

Just be patient and  gentle with yourself

Sometimes when you can't test it's simply because you're upset.

If that's the case, try to articulate what you want - preferably to the person/people you want it from. But by yourself also works. What you want has to be stated as exactly as you want though. That means you look directly at the person and start your sentence with "I want...", or articulate it that way to yourself.

Keep it simple, smarty! Cut through the convolutions and simply articulate what you want. You'll find it becomes much easier to connect yourself to the Harmonic and teach yourself anything on this site.

And remember - the other person doesn't have to say yes for you to feel better.

Our diagrams are just pointers

They're meant to enable you to look for these responses.

But if you want your fingers to open when you connect and they're doing something else, perhaps something that's just as good an indicator of connection, but you want them to open, you can train them to open. Just be patient and gentle with yourself.

Can you connect now?

Give it another try.

I am now connected to the Harmonic. 
I am now connected to my ability to control my immune system.

Did it happen this time?  

Here are some suggestions for more things to try while you are try, trying again:

  • use your other hand

  • vary the amount of pressure you are using until you can feel a definite difference between yes and no

  • or vary your finger positions slightly until you come up with something that works for you (one person we know rubs the tips of his thumb and index finger together - if it's smooth it's a yes, if it's sticky or scratchy it's a no).

  • or try one of these:

A compendium of testing techniques

If you've tried a bunch of times and are not getting a signal, that may be because you are switched. Here's a link to a lesson about physical unswitching. Another way to unswitch is to simply stop trying so hard.  Get away from the computer, take a walk in the forest or through a pleasant neighborhood, and then come back and try again. If you can remember any of the instructions above, see if you can do it during your walk. 

Even if you don't experience that you're getting a signal, it's now time to try some of the immunic actions in the next lesson.

Also, you can use the PDF of the Text Tutorial, a downloadable file that prints out like a book (you'll need Adobe Reader, which is free). 

Make the decision that you can get connected

Also decide to stay connected. You can do it because you've been connected to some extent all your life. You may take minutes or days. If it's days, keep trying every so often during your daily activities.

I am now connected to my ability to control my immune system.


I am now connected to my ability to cure things.

Pay careful attention to what your fingers do or what your body does -- what signals you get -- when you say these things.

We fingertest because . . .

You may be connecting. Your fingers may be responding in a way that's not in our diagrams. Or your body may be. What your fingers and body do when they respond is right.

It works two ways: respond to your body and your body is responsive to you.

Strategy points for learning and doing Harmonic accessing

wpeC.jpg (11928 bytes)

Barb with Virginia Brazil, one of our colleagues who she helped learn to test.

Did you connect?

Hi all,

Last week Arthur reported on curing his hay fever. And he did so even without getting a clear signal for yes/no.

This is what everyone starting with immunics has to know: you can start curing, or even cure completely, even without getting a signal.

Diligently remove what you need to remove, from all of your bodies -- have the list printed out. And when you are at it, remove what is bothering you about not getting the signal, be it overwhelm, irritation, frustration, the feeling of not being good enough etc. etc. (use your own imagination here) Listen to many cure shows.And: gather some friends to do immunics together. Be it at your home or on the phone (you can make free conference calls with Skype or Yahoo, so international meetings are possible too). 

Happy curing,
Esther, The Netherlands

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