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Allies - Table of Contents

Alliance first thing: Harmonic accessing will naturally slip into your top 10 life priorities when you prove at least one - but it may take a few - of these things to yourself

Alliance modules

Allies' Harmonic prayer

Allies' media project

Allies' power questions

Ally God approaches

Ally Harmonic Activities

Are you the Stuart Goldstein of ending the worldwide pandemic of cancer, depression, and viral-based diseases?

Elder visits

If you're a celebrity . . .

Media project

Plague-ending dream team

Quiz - Our mission together 

Self-funding ministry

SIBs - what this is really all about

Video questions

We apologize for not getting this to you sooner

We are a community of practice

We hereby commit . . .

What is ability dissemination?

What is a Harmonic power circle?

What is a world sweep?

What's remiss?

What we want

Who we are, what we give you, and what we expect to see happen

WHUM mission statement

Why do we need to unify the world Harmonic ministers?


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