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What are your symptoms that interfere with cure?

dogwd02.jpg (86223 bytes)  What will defeat you?

Presumably you are still doing the assignment that you were just given in this tutorial -- The Seven Basic Immunic Actions -- and you are now on your way to the HUB to begin INCLUDING OTHER CURATIVE ACTIONS in your daily activities. As we said -- you're going to have to do this all day. So you'll be doing the Basic Immunic Actions of the ASSIGNMENT plus any and all other ones that you need -- which you are about to discover will be LEGION. And we know you're expecting that.

So in this lesson were going to look at what will cause all that painstaking hard work to come to nil and cause you to FALL ON YOUR FACE as you cure along your merry way.

Ask this question:

testing handDo I have any symptoms that interfere with cure?

Whether you get yes or no, go on. 

To cure herpes, cure SHAME

I'm now going to give you some concrete examples - these are real people who I actually know right now - BUT they're also ARCHETYPES the - and if you identify with them in any way you are headed for a fall - no mistake. THEY ARE YOU - maybe.

Example 1: An emphysema client was told by her doctor that her smoking addiction causes the emphysema -- will kill her -- thereby RIPPING her family and everybody who loves her to shreds both emotionally and financially. But she REFUSED TO STOP SMOKING - said she wants to cure the addiction with immunics first - stop "naturally and easily" as the addiction disappears.

Example 2: A herpes guy recently said to me, "I want to wait until I get my negative medical test first -- then I'll tell everybody I cured my herpes."

A symptom that STOPS cure

These people are making perfect sense, right? They'll be able to do the functional behavior after they cure it -- e.g. first cure the smoking addiction, then stop smoking, and then help other people stop smoking -- first cure the herpes, then wave the clean bill of health his doctor wrote at his friends, and invite them to cure THEIR herpes.

This approach may make perfect sense to you - the only problem with it is that it also makes you SICK. Rational though it is -- logical though it is -- what these people are doing will unfailingly regenerate the disease.

Now I'll go into more detail.

With example 1 - the SMOKING -

It’ll probably be obvious to every last person who reads this -- except maybe the smokers -- that whenever my young friend with the cigarette addiction takes another drag on a cigarette she INSTANTANEOUSLY RE-CREATES THE ENTIRE ADDICTION -- no matter how much immunics she's done. When you USE an addictive substance, you regenerate the addiction. Everybody knows that, right?

With example 2 - the HERPES -

I should tell you my own experience of curing herpes -- that will make this easy to understand. Sound the trumpets, please.

It's 1993 - I've been doing immunics about four months - removing emotional challenges - suddenly - in July - it occurs to me to ask if I can kill the herpes virus - I'm in the middle of a huge herpes outbreak - and I get a signal - YES -- I can kill it.

I NEVER GET ANOTHER HERPES OUTBREAK after the very first time I remove herpes - but I keep finding it in my spiral body -- every time I wake. And then I take it out - and I never get another PHYSICAL outbreak. Why? Good thing to know, right? So after a few days of this it occurs to me to test a question -- "HOW LONG DOES HERPES NEED TO BE IN MY SPIRAL BODY BEFORE IT CAN GENERATE A PHYSICAL OUTBREAK." - "over one day?" - "Over two days?" - And I get three days.

Well -- I never left herpes in my spiral body more than A FEW HOURS. I got SCARED. I checked for it when I woke up for YEARS - till I stopped finding it - and well beyond. Voilą -- no herpes outbreaks.

Herpes regenerates itself by outbreaking - sort of like a smoking addiction regenerates when you light up a cigarette. Which then caused another really important question to emerge -- "HOW LONG do I have to go without an outbreak for the herpes to COMPLETELY DIE OFF - be gone from my physical body FOREVER?" And from my spiral body?" When I finally thought to test that -- I got NINE MONTHS.

Now it may NOT be very obvious to a typical herpes sufferer, but probably IS obvious to the smokers -- KEEPING HERPES SECRET REGENERATES HERPES -by hiding the herpes my herpes guy is REAFFIRMING THAT IT'S THERE -- so it is.

He needs the herpes to maintain the secrecy - the secrecy is an immune dysfunction - AND ALL IMMUNE DYSFUNCTIONS ARE SELF-PERPETUATING. You can't be secretive about herpes without herpes. So his obliging gravitational body goes out and gets the herpes again - like the broom from the sorcerer's apprentice - you'll see. After you take these things out for a while, you start to realize that YOU'RE ALSO PUTTING THEM IN. That's why you keep finding them in your gravitational and spiral bodies, and the other bodies too. Your gravitational body goes out and FINDS the DNA codes in another creature -- it doesn't even have to be a human being -- brings those codes back -- and offers them to your spiral body, which accepts them.

Am I oversimplifying here? Of course! You have MANY WAYS OF RE-CREATING A DISEASE, or an immune dysfunction such as that addiction to smoking.

And that's why people who cure their cancer DIE OF CANCER THREE YEARS LATER. And why people who cure their MS keep finding it in their gravitational and spiral bodies over and over again.

And that's why people who cure their cancer DIE OF CANCER THREE YEARS LATER. And why people who cure their MS keep finding it in their gravitational and spiral bodies over and over again.

You just don't want to let anything get back into your physical body. The game is to CATCH IT at the nonphysical level - THAT'S THE BEAUTY OF IMMUNICS - we can take it out of any nonphysical bodies it's in - BEFORE IT BECOMES PHYSICAL. When it's physical is one step away from killing you.

And as far as your gravitational body going out and getting things for you goes - well - that's what your gravitational body is SUPPOSED to be doing -- going out and FINDING THINGS YOU NEED. When you refuse to quit smoking or be secretive about your herpes you're giving your gravitational body the impression that you NEED smoking - or herpes. And you may have to simply refuse to smoke or be UN-SECRETIVE about your herpes for a very long time before your gravitational body is CONVINCED that you don't need the smoking -- or the herpes.

Or the cancer, or the Graves' disease, or the chronic fatigue syndrome, or the fibromyalgia, or the HIV - or the MS.

Symptoms that interfere with cure, get it? Have you ever heard the old saying,

"You are your own worst enemy?"

BE ON GUARD AGAINST YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES when you embark upon curing a disease.

One of the lessons that you should do early in your studies in the Cure College is called COUNTER-SYMPTOMATIC BEHAVIORS, because doing behaviors that run counter to a symptom will EXPOSE the CAUSES OF THE SYMPTOM so that you can whack them.

Along these lines -- symptoms that interfere with you curing things -- there are some PITFALLS OF TESTING -- which are really pitfalls of YOU -- that you PROBABLY won't encounter while you're doing the assignment -- the assignment was carefully designed not to expose you to them, but even with the best of intentions --

These are not really pitfalls of testing so much as pitfalls of you -- more symptoms that interfere with curing -- and they indicate DEEP-SEATED DYSFUNCTIONS in the spiritual and emotional areas of life that almost all human beings share. And if you do look over this list of them you'll probably have forgotten what you saw within an hour or two, and be just as helpless as ever when one of them comes up. So if YOU DON'T LOOK AT THIS AT ALL -- you just feel like going ahead with the assignment -- well, that might be an okay thing for you to do.


OK, now test this question -

testing handAm I going as fast as I can?

No signal means no.

"That’s an ALARM bell!"

Spiritual guidance is not like some spirit gudde makes a choice for you. You make all your choices. You're going to see this real soon. This is fun. You're going to enjoy this.

- Bayard


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