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  "... CATCH CANCER from one of my DOCTORS?"

Table of contents

space Pitfalls

When you first succeed with immunics, your troubles are just beginning.  You start to encounter the pitfalls soon after, and keep encountering them throughout the rest of your life.  Remember -- the one you're going to fall into isn't on the list we give you.

People usually fall into a pitfall when they encounter something that they don't want to face or change, without realizing that they don't want to face or change it.  They think the way they feel is normal, or important to their survival.  This is even true of resenting, hating, or/and obsessing, pursuits which many people feel getting well will enable them to become more skilled at.

  Pitfalls of testing

IF DONE PROACTIVELY, every lesson in this Cure College will indemnify you against being consumed by your own pitfalls, which await you, and which you brought here with you, and which you have been falling into and trapped by your entire life.

For example, if there's a lesson on installing something, and you need to install it and you don't, that's a pitfall, because if you don't install it and then you need it, bang! You're in the pit. With all those bamboo stakes through your body.

Or if there's a lesson on removing something and you need to remove it and don't, suddenly, wham! You're falling, falling, falling through the abyss.

How could we cover the pitfalls in this list?   It's impossible. Below are some examples of pitfalls. We're going to assume, from this point on, that you have already trained yourself to test.  Since this web college is so huge, and the amount of written material on it so massive, it is extremely important not to waste time reading things that you do not test to read, or to do.   That would be the equivalent of going to medical school and adding minors in poetry, engineering, and law.  Not impossible, just torturous. 

So now just test:

Are there any pitfalls listed below that I need to find out about?

If you get no, go onto the next lesson.

If you get yes, run your finger down the list below, see which one(s) you get a signal on, and learn about the pitfalls you got signals on.  But before you read about them, see if you can see specific ways that each one you test on applies to you.  When you see a way one applies, actually test if what you see is what you're supposed to know.**

(That is also a good way to learn about the pathologies -- remove one, then see what's different about you, then ask if that's what the pathology is about.)   

Go ahead and do that now with these pitfalls. Here's the list:

Another good way to test the above, if you test yes on one of the things on the list, is to ask, "How many things do I need to know about this?" "More than 10?" And narrow the number down by asking "more than" and "less than" questions. After you get your number, test each thing you come up with, until you either reach your number, or suspect that you don't have to reach it, whereupon you would ask, "Have I done enough of these for now?"

This is usually a good thing to do when you test to click on a link in this Cure College -- asking yourself a few questions about why you were directed to that link. This will train your intuition, and caused many important discoveries that would not come from simply accessing the link and reading what you come to after doing that.

More about these pitfalls

More warnings (you need to have a colleague password to do some of these lessons):

You can do the same thing with a pathology



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About 3 years ago I was surfing the net to find information about cancer for my book. I ran across your wayimmune website. I spent my free month learning everything I could. (Boy can I access!!!) I liked what you had to say so I included your website in my book on how to survive. Later on (about a year ago) I went back to your site and I signed up as I wanted to cure myself of allergies. You were right about "one thing leading to another." At the same time my son was in a mental hospital for schizophrenia. So I worked on him. The initial result was it put me into a mental ward. Not your fault. I am bipolar. This has happened before. The final result is that my son has been cleared of his demons. He and I both are back to normal, healed if you will. My allergies are almost gone. The symptoms are much reduced before "accessing" them away. My problem (manic depression) has always been that I latch onto a major problem with no apparent solution. I slip into the supernatural realm where my mind takes off and does not stop thinking about the problem. My mind races until I am ready for another bout in the funny farm. Unfortunately, accessing to cure myself of hay fever sent me way too far into the twilight zone. I am staying away from accessing. Whoever is answering the phone on the other side . . . I cannot get a straight answer from anyone over there. God bless you and the others at wayimmune for your efforts.

Jon A. Craig,  author of  A Cancer Survival Plan
Publisher's website
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This is what it is to work this material: you access a link, test some questions there, get some information, go to the next link you get a signal on, test through the page, ask yourself some questions about the things you test there, and so on, all the way down to a completion, if there is one -- some of these testing threads go on forever.

If you're complete with this lesson, go on now to the conclusion lesson, where more insights await you.

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