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   You are training yourself as a Jedi knight

The easy stuff are the miracles. The tough stuff is the attitude, and the discipline.

The tough stuff is the certainty that you can do it. When you have that certainty, you will look like Obi-Wan Kenobi during an attack.

And when you learn the ways of the force that calls itself the Harmonic, you will discover that like the Force in the movie, it has a mind of its own.

You can work a miracle in an emergency, even though you don't deserve to be able to.

Obi-Wan said: "Use the force, Luke." But really the Force used Luke. It wanted the Death Star destroyed. And because Luke had maybe just a little willingness to turn off his mind and let in the Force, it was. 

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You will be surprised by your own Harmonic mastery, and by what you are able to do, even though you know you are not ready to do it. Because the force, the Harmonic, knows that that's how you learn. You learn by doing.  

The calm, clear place is the state a Jedi knight makes choices from. And those choices have an element of action, an element of ethics - and an element of magic to them.

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